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Welcome to
Plus One Studios

(This site is currently under reconstruction - only some of our information is available at this time. With apologies for any inconvenience, please email us if you have any questions)

Operating in Central Scotland, Plus One Studios provide a photographic service that is fast making a name for itself.

With recent developments in printing technologies, it is now easier than ever to turn photographs into not just prints but posters, canvasses, picture books and gifts of many kinds - not to mention their use to enhance your website. With this in mind, Plus One Studios concentrate on getting the photographs right for you to do as you wish.

Plus One Studios will prepare a CD containing all your photographs in .jpg format and, because there are no printing costs, you’ll find that Plus One Studios prices are remarkably competitive.

We will work with you to understand what it is you really want; we will then take high quality photographs and ensure that you are happy with the outcome.

What can I do with the photographs on my
Plus One Studios CD?

Click the 'What's Next?' button below for some ideas as to what you can do with your photographs

Ideas for your Plus One Studios photographs

Why do you only charge £475 for a wedding when other photographers have quoted much more?
The simple answer is that we only charge for the taking and preparation of your photographs. We do not offer expensive printing options - we are not printers. We take the photographs and present them to you on a CD for you to use as you wish. An average wedding will produce well in excess of 300 photographs and these will all be on your Plus One Studios CD - providing the perfect record of your special day. Many photographers will charge you for printing each and every photograph and this can mount up depending on the number of photographs you choose. Plus One Studios leave the choice of whether you want prints, and how many you want, up to you - so you will not be paying us for reprints or enlargements. It is not uncommon for photographers to charge up to 10 times more for an enlargement than you can pay by doing it yourself!
For weddings, most photographers will happily produce albums and picture books when, in reality these days, these can be done to a very high standard (and relatively cheaply) by anyone with access to the internet - see What Next? above.







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