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A photographic adventure by Mark Pewtress to photograph Britain's birds

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A duck that beat the odds

Working at an animal rescue centre, we noticed that our flock of ducks were laying eggs but showing no inclination to sit on them. I made the rash decision to take a dozen eggs home and to try to incubate them.
It was the 3rd of April 2012 when the eggs were placed in the incubator and, apart from topping up the water reserves every 48 hours to keep up the humidity, the next 25 days were spent in anticipation.
On days 23 and 24, my wife Mary and I convinced ourselves that we could hear 'tapping' noises coming from the eggs but could never be 100% certain that we were not being overly optimistic.
On day 25, the 28th of April, we knew something was definitely happening. A few of the eggs were rocking and the tapping noises were accompanied by an occasional peeping.

All photographs taken by Mark L Pewtress (Photographs copyright Mark L Pewtress)