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The Quest to photograph Britain's insects and arachnida by Mark L Pewtress
Who am I?

It is easier to tell you, who I am not. I am not a zoologist nor indeed, any other kind of ologist (I did manage to get a grade C in O'level Biology but other than that, I have had no formal training in this field). I claim no credentials other than my own experiences and limitless enthusiasm.
I have always been fascinated by insects and arachnida (as well as other areas of natural history) and together with my love of photography I am now in a position to bring these two fields together.
Like many small children, I was fascinated by caterpillars and other 'creepy-crawleys'. Endless poor specimins tragically ended up trapped in airless jam jars and matchboxes. My childhood opened my eyes to a world I still know very little about. So if you spot any errors on my pages, please let me know - it's how I learn.
Approaching my 50th birthday (January 2009), I decided on the quest of photographing Britain's birds and since then have realised that other forms of life are just as deserving of my attentions. If along the way I can help other 'non-experts' in their own efforts to identifying some of our species, then this is a pleasing bonus. Whilst many of my photographs are, to say the least, poor from a pure photography standpoint, I have included them where they portray the species and offer some help in a recognition process. It is to be hoped that as time goes on, I will be able to replace these 'poor' shots with better quality ones.
The List

I am not even going to pretend that I have an ambition of trying to photograph all of Britain's insect and arachnida species, as there are well over 20,000 known species, so I shall just have to content myself with photographing those that I come across along the way.