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A photographic adventure by Mark Pewtress to photograph Britain's birds

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By the 8th of May, at just over a week old, the five ducklings had grown enough for them to be taken to the rescue centre where they became a big hit with the visitors.

Fluffy Duck, Sheldon, Jojo, Koko and Number 6 settle into their new home

On May 21st, when Shelley was just three weeks old, I took her to the vet to see if anything could be done about her leg.
We were concerned that in her efforts to move around, Shelley was rubbing her bad leg and making her foot bleed and we had tried all manner of bandages and plasters in an attempt to cushion her foot.
The vet was not very helpful and as good as said that we should not have intervened to save her when she was stuck in her shell. His prognosis was not good and the likelihood of her ever being able to support herself in an upright position, non-existant.
We put Shelley on a layer of vet-bed and this alleviated the problem of her rubbing her foot. She was growing but at nowhere near the rate that the other ducklings had.