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A photographic adventure by Mark Pewtress to photograph Britain's birds

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Being unused to being left outside on her own, Shelley protested and protested loudly. Loudly enough to attract the unwelcome attention from a Fox.

Oh oh! Trouble

The appearance of the fox, who fortunately we saw before he could batter his way into the ark, galvanised our thinking. Now that Shelley was stronger and bigger, we really ought to try to get her integrated with the other ducks. With mixed emotions, we took her to the rescue centre and put her in with the 3 smaller ducks who resided there. It was tough to leave her there but we believed that we were doing the best we could for her.
We were back the next day to check on her progress. Shelley was hunched up in a corner of the pen looking thoroughly miserable. On seeing us, or to be more accurate on seeing Mary, she raced over and was obviously glad to see her. We hadn't the heart to leave her there, so back she came again.