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Subfamily: Milesiinae
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Tribe: Callicerini
Genus: Callicera

Callicera aurata
Callicera rufa
Callicera spinolae

Tribe: Cheilosini
Genus: Cheilosia

Cheilosia ahenea
Cheilosia albipila
Cheilosia albitarsis
Cheilosia antiqua
Cheilosia barbata
Cheilosia bergenstammi
Cheilosia carbonaria
Cheilosia chrysocoma
Cheilosia cynocephala
Cheilosia fraterna
Cheilosia griseiventris
Cheilosia grossa
Cheilosia illustrata
Cheilosia impressa
Cheilosia lasiopa
Cheilosia latifrons
Cheilosia longula
Cheilosia mutabilis
Cheilosia nebulosa
Cheilosia nigripes
Cheilosia pagana
Cheilosia proxima
Cheilosia psilophthalma
Cheilosia pubera
Cheilosia ranunculi
Cheilosia sahlbergi
Cheilosia scutellata
Cheilosia semifasciata
Cheilosia soror
Cheilosia urbana
Cheilosia uviformis
Cheilosia variabilis
Cheilosia velutina
Cheilosia vernalis
Cheilosia vicina
Cheilosia vulpina

Genus: Ferdinandea

Ferdinandea cuprea
Ferdinandea ruficornis

Genus: Portevinia

Portevinia maculata

Genus: Rhingia

Rhingia campestris
Rhingia rostrata

Tribe: Chrysogastrini
Genus: Brachyopa

Brachyopa bicolor
Brachyopa insensilis
Brachyopa pilosa
Brachyopa scutellaris

Genus: Chrysogaster

Chrysogaster cemiteriorum
Chrysogaster solstitialis
Chrysogaster virescens

Genus: Hammerschmidtia

Hammerschmidtia ferruginea

Genus: Lejogaster

Lejogaster metallina
Lejogaster tarsata

Genus: Melanogaster

Melanogaster aerosa
Melanogaster hirtella

Genus: Myolepta

Myolepta dubia
Myolepta potens

Genus: Neoascia
Subgenus: Neoascia

Neoascia podagrica
Neoascia tenur

Subgenus: Neoasciella

Neoascia geniculata
Neoascia interrupta
Neoascia meticulosa
Neoascia obliqua

Genus: Orthonevra

Orthonevra brevicornis
Orthonevra geniculata
Orthonevra intermedia
Orthonevra nobilis

Genus: Riponnensia

Riponnensia splendens

Genus: Sphegina
Subgenus: Asiosphegina

Sphegina sibirica

Subgenus: Sphegina

Sphegina clunipes
Sphegina elegans
Sphegina verecunda

Tribe: Eristalini
Genus: Anasimyia

Anasimyia contracta
Anasimyia interpuncta
Anasimyia lineata
Anasimyia lunulata
Anasimyia transfuga

Genus: Eristalinus
Subgenus: Eristalinus

Eristalinus sepulchralis

Subgenus: Lathyrophthalmus

Eristalinus aeneus

Genus: Eristalis
Subgenus: Eoseristalis

Eristalis abusivus
Eristalis arbustorum
Eristalis cryptarum
Eristalis horticola
Eristalis interruptus
Eristalis intricarius
Eristalis pertinax
Eristalis rupium
Eristalis similis

Subgenus: Eristalis

Eristalis tenax

Genus: Helophilus

Helophilus affinis
Helophilus groenlandicus
Helophilus hybridus
Helophilus pendulus
Helophilus trivittatus

Genus: Lejops

Lejops vittatus

Genus: Mallota

Mallota cimbiciformis

Genus: Myathropa

Myathropa florea

Genus: Parhelophilus

Parhelophilus consimilis
Parhelophilus frutetorum
Parhelophilus versicolor

Tribe: Merodontini
Genus: Eumerus

Eumerus funeralis
Eumerus ornatus
Eumerus sabulonum
Eumerus strigatus

Genus: Merodon

Merodon equestris

Genus: Psilota

Psilota anthracina

Tribe: Pelecocerini
Genus: Chamaesyrphus

Chamaesyrphus caledonicus
Chamaesyrphus scaevoides

Genus: Pelecocera

Pelecocera tricincta

Tribe: Pipizini
Genus: Heringia
Subgenus: Heringia

Heringia heringi
Heringia senilis

Subgenus: Neocnemodon

Heringia brevidens
Heringia latitarsis
Heringia pubescens
Heringia verrucula
Heringia vitripennis

Genus: Pipiza

Pipiza austriaca
Pipiza bimaculata
Pipiza fenestrata
Pipiza festiva
Pipiza lugubris
Pipiza luteitarsis
Pipiza noctiluca

Genus: Pipizella

Pipizella maculipennis
Pipizella viduata
Pipizella virens

Genus: Trichopsomyia

Trichopsomyia lucida
Trichopsomyia flavitarsis

Genus: Triglyphus

Triglyphus primus

Tribe: Sericomyiimi
Genus: Arctophila

Arctophila superbiens

Genus: Sericomyia

Sericomyia lappona
Sericomyia silentis

Tribe: Volucellini
Genus: Volucella

Volucella bombylans
Volucella inanis
Volucella inflata
Volucella pellucens
Volucella zonaria

Tribe: Xylotini
Genus: Blera

Blera fallax

Genus: Brachypalpoides

Brachypalpoides lentus

Genus: Brachypalpus

Brachypalpus laphriformis

Genus: Caliprobola

Caliprobola speciosa

Genus: Chalcosyrphus
Subgenus: Xylotina

Chalcosyrphus nemorum

Subgenus: Xylotodes

Chalcosyrphus eunotus

Genus: Criorhina

Criorhina asilica
Criorhina berberina
Criorhina floccosa
Criorhina ranunculi

Genus: Pocota

Pocota personata

Genus: Syritta

Syritta pipiens

Genus: Tropidia

Tropidia scita

Genus: Xylota

Xylota abiens
Xylota florum
Xylota jakutorum
Xylota segnis
Xylota sylvarum
Xylota tarda
Xylota xanthocnema