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A photographic adventure by Mark Pewtress to photograph Britain's birds

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Anatidae (Swans, Geese and Ducks)

Mute Swan Whooper Swan Bean Goose Pink-footed Goose White-fronted Goose Greylag Goose Canada Goose Egyptian Goose Brent Goose Barnacle Goose Shelduck Mandarin Duck Wigeon Gadwall Teal Mallard Pintail Shoveler Red-Crested Pochard Pochard Tufted Duck Eider Common Scoter Velvet Scoter Goldeneye Smew Red-Breasted Merganser Goosander Ruddy Duck Duck Hybrids Bewick's Swan, Garganey, Ferruginous Duck, Scaup, Long-Tailed Duck